Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Fibro Docs from Fibroduck.com

A Wonderful tool from the delightful people at www.fibroduck.com .


Welcome to Fibro Docs a set of template documents from Fibroduck for use with hospitals and medical professionals. We created them because so many of our regular contributors told us that they have difficulty explaining about their FMS and/or ME/CFS to medical staff when they may be feeling at their worst.

By using these documents, you can say exactly what you want to about your condition and store it away for the day when you need it. Also, because the documents carry the Fibroduck logo, the logo of a legitimate support organisation, you’re not going to come across as some kind of medical prima donna! (Please take careful note, though, of the copyright and liability statement on each document.)

In addition to the documents, which are intended for you to tailor, we’ve added some helpful notes on how to use them.

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